Shades Of Rosé Gin

This sipping gin begins with our original Hwy 9 Gin and transforms while resting in red wine barrels from Raylen Vineyards in Mocksville, NC. These add a natural rose color to the spirit and a bit of a dry feel to the sip. Tasting notes are also affected by the extra resting step. Certain botanicals are mellowed out such as citrus, juniper and coriander while others become stronger like the cassia. It has more warmth to it, and a little bit of a spice. The bite is shifted and also has become more mellow. A true sipping gin, best served chilled.

This product is a true use of environmental happiness. Using the end product of our original distillation for Hwy 9 gin, that we would have had no use for, we redesigned the process to ensure full product use.

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